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Finding The Right Solar Energy Contractor In Upstate New York

One of the best investments that you can make in your home or business is a solar energy makeover that sets you up to either augment your current electrical power system or to replace it completely. Our solar experts have spent years developing the best solar panel product line supported by a team of specialists that can provide you with the type of solar energy advice that will save you time and money, as well as add to the value of your home or business.

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Residential Solar Energy Services

Whether your project involves solar PV or solar electric, our specialists can come out on site and help to optimize the solar incentive that is available to you when you add a residential solar installation to your home.

Roof Top Solar:

One of the most popular ways to add renewable energy to you home is to install solar PV panels or film on your roof. Perhaps the most difficult part of planning a rooftop solar project is creating a footprint that maximizes the use of your roof without putting too much load on it. We are used to creating the largest output in the smallest space and we have even developed metal roof solar and flat roof solar alternatives that are optimized right out of the box.

With metal roof solar and flat roof solar, if you decide to take advantage of the designs that we offer, you should see close to the same level of output as you do on a roof with a pitch.


Commercial Solar Energy Services:

We offer the same types of installations for commercial properties as we do for consumers. We specialize in knowing how to apply commercial solar incentive programs so that it makes financial sense for your company to get involved!

We work with NYSERDA and NABCEP and can help you to qualify for the exemptions and credits that are available for certified solar projects.

We have decades of accumulated expertise and service history throughout the Albany NY area. We routinely do projects in Schenectady NY, Saratoga Springs NY, Hudson NY, Utica NY, Latham NY, Troy NY, Clifton Park NY, Glens Falls NY, Rensselaer NY, throughout the Capital Region / Capital District NY.

Ground Mount Solar:

If you have the space to add a ground mount solar installation, it can be well worth it because you can set the system up to follow the sun or be manually adjusted to do so.  Since the panels are close to you, you will also be able to keep them cleaner, increasing their photovoltaic power.

Off grid Solar:

There has been a really strong trend in New York towards using an off-grid solar array type of installation in the mountains and at the beach for vacation cabins.  Part of the reason for this is that you can feel free to build a home that doesn’t have to be connected to the power grid in order to enjoy it. All of our off grid applications meet NYSERDA and NABCEP requirements- which means that they can qualify for a solar incentive using regulations created for residential solar.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is light and heat harnessed from the sun that can be converted to energy as a clean source of renewable energy. It can be used to generate electricity, light, and hot water for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial usages.

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Solar Electric (Solar PV)

Solar Electric, or also known as solar photovoltaic (PV), is harnessing the energy of the Sun to create green electricity to send back to your utility company for credit or for direct on-site use.

We’re sure you know how frustrating it is to keep seeing your electric bill increase. Wouldn’t it be great to generate your own solar electricity and stop paying for power? Our solar panel systems can do just that.

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Solar Heating

People have been using the Sun to heat their homes for a very long time.  Many ancient civilizations identified solar heating as an excellent way to heat their premises.  Consumers who have done their homework know the value that a solar heating system will provide for your future.  With costs of fossil fuel-based heating system on the rise, it’s clear that solar panels systems are a smart choice.

SolarWorld Technologies

At Solar Energy New York we only use the highest quality solar panels on the market. Our solar panel designers and installers are authorized SolarWorld resellers. Watch this SolarWorld quality control test video. Their solar technology exceeds international testing standards and is designed to produce green energy for years to come.